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Cody Barnes, Project Engineer

Methuen Construction Company, Inc.

The Associated Builders and Contractors Young Professional of the Year Award is a nationally recognized award designed to identify young professionals who have contributed to the growth of the construction industry through their support of ABC, their company and/or the industry through strong teamwork and leadership. The ABC YP of the Year is recognized for their dedication, professional enhancement, and leadership strength, and for their belief in ABC’s commitment to free enterprise and the merit shop philosophy.

Cody Barnes was the first annual ABC NH/VT Young Professional of the Year Award recipient. Here is what his employer, Methuen Construction, had to say about him in his 2018 nomination form:

Describe the nominee’s contributions to his/her company:

Cody was hired as a Project Engineer, quickly exceeded our expectations, and was recently promoted to an Assistant Project Manager.  Cody was successful in managing his first project with Schnitzer Northeast and received accolades from them on his performance.  This positive impact allowed Methuen Construction to secure a new $10 Million project with the same client, which he will also manage.

How does the nominee distinguish himself or herself from other young professionals?

Cody is not typical of many young engineers we see these days. He is extremely resourceful, demonstrates initiative, and commits to figuring things out by himself. For example, in his first week with Methuen Construction, Cody created a CPM schedule for the Schnitzer Project without any training on the ASTA Powerproject Software. This is unique with other young professionals since most would require some training and oversight. Instead, Cody opened the software, ran through the available tutorials, and constructed a completed draft schedule for review. 

Describe the nominee’s contributions to ABC and/or examples of their commitment to free enterprise or merit philosophy:

Cody is a team player who participates in networking and training events that are offered by the ABC, Methuen Construction, and other organizations.  Cody exhibits values and qualities that are embraced by the ABC.

How does the nominee represent your company through leadership and teamwork?

By doing what it takes to get the job done, regardless of job title, Cody demonstrated a "can-do" attitude on the Schnitzer Project, which is one of Methuen Construction's core values.  On this job, all work, including concrete placements, was done at night. In addition to his responsibilities as an assistant project manager, Cody did everything necessary to ensure the schedule stayed on-track, this included tying rebar, formwork, and laborer's work. In displaying this dedication, other teammates were inspired to get the job done on schedule. It's easy to lose morale working at night under difficult conditions, so Cody's ability to overcome issues and turn them positive was very impressive.